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  1. Enterprise or USS Enterprise (often referred to as the Starship Enterprise) is the name of several fictional spacecraft, some of which are the main craft and setting for various television series and films in the Star Trek science fiction franchise. The most notable were Captain James T. Kirk's USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) from the original 1960s television series, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard's.
  2. The following is a list of starship classes operated by the Federation. Because of the strong connotations with the real world United States Navy, Star Trek: The Original Series Producers Gene Roddenberry and Robert Justman (a World War II navy veteran himself) had imbued Starfleet with (The Making of Star Trek, p. 112, et al.; These Are the Voyages: TOS Season One, 1st ed, pp. 28-29; see also.
  3. Star Trek is not solely the story of Enterprise.There's Deep Space Nine and Voyager and a whole galaxy full of other vessels and settings. But the name ties the icon of the original series.
  4. Continue reading Star Trek - Top 10 Federation Starship Classes The world of Star Trek is defined by magnificent and elaborate starship designs of various diverse cultures, races and factions. The show has created dozens of iconic starship designs, many of which are recognisable even to people who have never seen the show, but by far the most iconic are the Federation Starships that.

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  1. The Starship Class plaque of the original Enterprise and a note in The Making of Star Trek suggest that starship was no generic term at that time, but was specifically used for ships akin to the Enterprise. The tradition to name a ship class for the prototype ship might have been established later, although this is questionable considering that Star Trek Enterprise has been using letter.
  2. 11) Enterprise-J This far-flung Enterprise of a future 26th century where the evil Sphere-Builders invade the Federation was barely seen during Star Trek: Enterprise's Temporal Cold War.
  3. Template:Startrek2 This is a list of the fictional Star Trek universe's Earth and Federation Starfleet ships organized by ship class. These vessels appear or are mentioned in Star Trek (TOS), Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9), Star Trek: Voyager (VOY), Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT), and/or the Star Trek films. Many of the ship names, classes or registry.
  4. The following is a listing of starship classes. Any starship class page you find that doesn't have this or a subcategory of this listed on the bottom, please add [[Category:Starship classes]] or the appropriate subcategory. See also: Category:Starship
  5. The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-F) was an Odyssey-class starship in service during the 25th century. The second ship of her class, she was launched in 2409 under the command of Captain Va'Kel Shon after the loss of his previous vessel, the USS Belfast. (Star Trek Online) 1 History 2 Crew Manifest 2.1 Senior staff 3 See also 4 External links Shortly after her launch, in 2409, the Enterprise was.

Memory Beta articles sourced from Star Trek Online. Memory Beta articles sourced from novelizations. Memory Beta articles sourced from comic adaptations. Memory Beta incomplete articles. Starship classes. Federation. Federation vehicle types. Federation starships. Federation starships by class and type. Lists. Add categor Cygnus-X1.Net: A Tribute to Star Trek. Cygnus-X1.Net: A Tribute to Star Trek is maintained by John Patuto. Cygnus-X1.Net is in no way associated with, nor endorsed by, Paramount Pictures and/or Viacom; Pocket Books and/or Simon & Schuster; their parents or their affiliates Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation were likely looking for the Enterprise-D on this list. Well, it's here, but not quite as you expected it: we're giving the nod to the future ship as seen in the episode All Good Things. And while we only have hints as to its power, they are very strong hints

Playable Starships in Star Trek Online are as much a part of a player's avatar as their Captain. Players are granted ships by Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force, or the Romulan Republic as they progress in rank. At each new rank between Level 10 and Level 40, players are given a free starship token for the respective tier. The last token they get, at level 61, is for a Tier 5 ship which can. Like the Sovereign-class Enterprise-E, some of the starships bearing the name Enterprise have also, on occasion, been the finest ships in Starfleet's arsenal. Captain Jonathan Archer's (Scott Bakula) NX-01 Enterprise was Starfleet's fastest and best ship in the 22nd century era. The Enterprise-B that launched in the flashbacks at the start of Star Trek Generations was Excelsior-class, which.

Upon his request a backlit depiction of this vessel was included to a display on the recreation deck of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, together with other ships named Enterprise that Decker shows to the Ilia probe. In the 602 Club in ENT: First Flight and in Forrest's office in ENT: Home we can see a reproduction of this image from the same angle. Considering that. Star Trek: Picard will catch up with Star Trek: The Next Generation's Capt. Jean-Luc Picard years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. But he isn't a Starfleet captain anymore. Though.

History. The class was first launched at some point in the 26th century. It was a sister design of the Congo-class.. The Universe-class Enterprise-J would go on to be the Federation 's flagship during the Battle of Procyon V against the Sphere Builders. Alternate History Pioneerverse. Starfleet began looking at ideas and possibilities of a new starship around 2554, as there had been no new. Ships of the class include the namesake U.S.S. Galaxy and the U.S.S. Venture, U.S.S. Odyssey, and U.S.S. Enterprise-D. × Copy this URL to share: Copy to Clipboard × An email will not be created automatically. The email will only be created once you click on the Send Email button. Send Email. Follow us. Star Trek Facebook > Star Trek Twitter; Star Trek Instagram; Star Trek Tumblr; Star. Star Trek: Galaxy Class Starship | EXTENDED BREAKDOWN - Duration: 12:03. USS Enterprise J Star Trek Analysis Retrospective Therapy - Duration: 10:12. Junkball 698,537 views. 10:12 . Wings of. RELATED: Star Trek Enterprise: The Zodiac Signs Of The Main Characters. These Intrepid class ships were built for tough, long exploration assignments. Among several other modern features, they were the first Starfleet ships to have Warp 9 class drives, specifically tweaked for use in deep space. During their journey, the ship improved even more, not only for better speed and defense but. Enterprise was the designation of several famous Earth and Federation ships. Since the 23rd century the name was traditionally associated with the flagship of Starfleet. Contents. 1 List of Ships. 1.1 Pre-warp; 1.2 Starships; 2 Missions involved; 3 Gallery; 4 Notes; List of Ships [edit | edit source] Pre-warp [edit | edit source] H.M.S. Enterprise, Enterprise-class frigate - 1770s; U.S.S.

Can you name the Star Trek-Enterprise Ship Classes? by fishgeek88 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Popular Quizzes Today. Anything but South American Capitals 3,275; Hangman - Star Wars 2,450; UK Pub Quiz: Let's. Volume Five includes specifications and orthographic views for nineteen vessels from the 22nd Century - i.e. Star Trek: Enterprise. (N.B. The Earth NX-class (Enterprise), Neptune/NV-class (Intrepid) and Iceland-class (warp delta) are featured with the other Starfleet vessels in Volumes One and Two).. I've included two versions of Volume Five

They are the Federation ship classes Daedalus and Excelsior, and the Vulkan Surak class. All three available in OBJ, and they look like this: Friday, 30th of March 2018 The STMC code has been upgraded to PHP7. Since it's a bit of a patchwork; please let me know if there are any issues. Wednesday, 28th of March 2018 In addition, Citrillux has released his non-canon U.S.S. Hellbender design. You. Die Enterprise-D wird in der Pilotfolge von Star Trek: Das nächste Jahrhundert als eines der ersten Schiffe der Galaxy-Klasse eingeführt und im Kinofilm Star Trek: Treffen der Generationen bei einem Feuergefecht mit einem klingonischen Bird-of-Prey schwer beschädigt. Die Antriebssektion wird auf Grund eines Warpkernbruches zerstört, die Untertassensektion konnte nach der Bruchlandung. Starship Groupings | Show All Vessels | Show Official Designs | Show N'Redomm Starships | Timeline Groupings | Pre-Discovery Era Ships | Discovery Era Ships | | TOS Era Ships | Movie Era Ships | TNG Era Ships | | NuTrek (Abramsverse) | General Star Trek Bibliography Read the Star Trek F.A.Q. Star Trek Chronology Associated Star Trek Link Constitution-Class Starship. Constitution-Class Starship. Skip to main content Search. Submit. Try Star Trek: Picard The original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 is of this class. Others have included the U.S.S. Excalibur, NCC-1664, the U.S.S. Exeter, NCC-1672 and the U.S.S. Potemkin, NCC-1657. × Copy this URL to share: Copy to Clipboard × An email will not be created automatically. The email.

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