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  1. The frequency (in seconds) at which the chef-client runs. When the chef-client is run at intervals, --splay and --interval values are applied before the chef-client run. Default value: 1800.-j PATH, --json-attributes PATH. The path to a file that contains JSON data. Used to setup the first client run. For all the future runs with option -i the.
  2. replace of #3459 We can pass jsonfile to bootstrap via --json-attribute-file option. raise an exception if both set json-attributes and json-attribute-file
  3. A JSON dictionary representing a Chef Environment object. If the VNF action requires loading or modifying Chef environment attributes associated with the VNF, all the relevant information must be provided in this JSON dictionary in a structure that conforms to a Chef Environment Object. Optional: Depends on VNF action. Nod

In Chef, how do I access attributes set in the environment

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Chef attributes for use in the suite: chef_client_path: Chef Infra Client provisioner only. chef_metadata_url: This will be deprecated in a future version. chef_omnibus_install_options : Use to specify the package to be installed. Possible values: -P chef (for Chef Infra Client) and -P chef-workstation (for the Chef Infra Client that is packaged as part of Chef Workstation). Use -n to specify. Viewing Chef Node Attributes with Knife. Mark Mzyk | February 5, 2013 . This is a simple post to list all the ways you can view Chef node attributes with knife, even nested attributes, which is harder than it feels like it should be. A lot of this information can be found at docs.opscode.com, but as of this writing the examples for knife node show don't always go into enough detail. knife. Go library to interact with the Chef server API. Contribute to marpaia/chef-golang development by creating an account on GitHub json (object) - An arbitrary mapping of JSON that will be available as node attributes while running Chef. prevent_sudo (boolean) - By default, the configured commands that are executed to install and run Chef are executed with sudo. If this is true, then the sudo will be omitted. This has no effect when guest_os_type is windows. remote_cookbook_paths (array of strings) - A list of paths on.


Additional configuration data for Chef attributes can be passed in to Chef Solo. This is done by setting the json property with a Ruby hash (dictionary-like object), which is converted to JSON and passed in to Chef: Vagrant. configure (2) do | config | config. vm. provision chef_solo do | chef | # chef. json = {apache = > {listen_address = >}} end end. Hashes, arrays, etc. Sample JSON attribute files for different ArcGIS deployment patterns are available at roles folder. See wiki pages and cookbooks' README.md files for more information about using ArcGIS cookbooks. Issues. Find a bug or want to request a new feature? Please let us know by submitting an issue. Contributing. Esri welcomes contributions from anyone.

Each role consists of zero (or more) attributes and a run-list. Each node can have zero (or more) roles assigned to it. When a role is run against a node, the configuration details of that node are compared against the attributes of the role, and then the contents of that role's run-list are applied to the node's configuration details. When a chef-client runs, it merges its own attributes.

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  1. Chef Solo - Provisioners Packer by HashiCor
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  3. GitHub - Esri/arcgis-cookbook: Chef cookbooks for ArcGI
GitHub - melezhik/chef-plugin: This is jenkins plugin toChef/nodes/web1UrbanCode | Passing dynamic values to Chef node attributesImmutable servers provided by Vagrant/Chef/AWSCooking 5 Star Infrastructure with Chef
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